Digital Marketing


Search Engine Optimization


Welcome to the house that search built. Back before we were a full-service agency, search is where we hung our hat. And in the years since then, we’ve grown to be one of the leading agencies in the field. Our formula is simple, really.

Either you have that perfect website that can instantly catch the audiences’ attention or you have an amazing website in the making. For both, the process does not end there. Once the website is made, it needs to get the attention of online users. If the audience does not notice it, how will they visit it?

As they say, you need to be seen, to be sold. So, here we step in to help you out by bringing your website to the first page of top search engines. Our expert team of Search Engine Optimizers (SEO) is Google Adword certified. We are up-to-date with all the happenings of the search engine world. We see to it that we make you one of the top five contenders on the left hand side of search engines.

Reotrix provides Link building, Articles/Blog Creation, Review/Comment Posting, RSS Feed Submission, Meta tags, Keyword Research and Interlinking.

Pay Per Click



Pay per click is an online marketing strategy through which leads can be generated in easy and flexible way. When thousands of online marketing companies are thriving hard to find their place in the market, then it gets really very tough to survive this competitive world. In order to outdo the competition in effective way, our company provides Pay per click advertising strategies.

One of the positive aspects of this leading market strategy is that it can be easily measured and moreover it remains unaffected by many factors. Launching a product or service into the market requires effective planning and attracting your target market. Some companies may find this a tedious job, but our company provided detailed report and analysis on Pay per click.

PPC is the best and easiest way to reach your targeted audience in search pages. Pay Per Click (PPC) advertisement allows you to choose keywords which are appropriate for your business. It is a paid advertisement where you can reach to top of the search pages with your bid. PPC is all about your bid, more you bid more is your chance to get listed higher for the keywords you choose.

Social Media Services


reotrix’s social media service is designed to keep you in total control of your messages across various social media networks, and is based on understanding your own unique business challenges and objectives. As with everything, one size rarely fits all and so our social media service puts the focus clearly on what matters most to your company.

74% of consumers rely on social media to influence their purchasing decisions. If your business isn’t present on social media, you aren’t giving it the chance to build deeper relationships with the people who matter most: your customers. Your customers expect to find you where they spend their time, and with 72% of all internet users now active on social media, your customers expect you to be there, too.

We make sure that we do marketing on the various social network platform like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and etc… according to your demand


Web Analytics Services


Web analytics is one of the most effective tools in internet marketing. By leveraging web analytics data, marketers can gain insight to not only how much traffic is coming to their sites, but how that traffic is getting there, and what users are doing onsite. This intelligence can help marketers streamline and improve their marketing efforts – and their websites.

Anchored by our keen analytics staff, reotrix’s web analytics services can help you collect and leverage data from the most advanced analytics tools available.

As a Google Analytics Certified Partner, Reotrix is at the forefront of the field of Analytics, testing new features before they are available to other marketers or agencies.